Tula Carrier Review - The Top 5 Bestsellers Reviewed by a Real Mommy

Baby wearing has come a long way in the last decade and with its ever-increasing popularity, new players are joining in. Tula Baby Carriers are  soft structured carriers (SSC) which spreads your baby’s weight across your body. 

It lets your toddler sit in an “M-position”, the ideal position while wearing your baby. In this ergonomic position, their knees will be higher than their bum.

Look back and you will realize that the older versions of baby carriers were not always the most comfortable. Tula Baby Carriers manufacturer knows how to keep everyone cozy and comfy in the most practical way and that is coming straight from the experience of a mother of three.

There are different SSCs in the market, but Tula is special. You can construe that Tula is like the Apple for the smartphone industry.

Once you get a grip on an iPhone, you’ll never want to use any other and Tula ergonomic baby carriers are this addictive. Curious? Lets find out !!

While recommending you my choice I have ensured Child’s Safety and Comfort as the top priority for my recommendation. Than Parent’s Comfort and Ease of Use and last but not the least Style & Material

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