New to Babywearing World? Babywearing Taboos You Should Break

Baby Wearing Myths: BUSTED!

The world just celebrated the International Babywearing Week with much fervor and zeal but there are still some parents who stick to the old-age pram.

With so many misconceptions in mind, they do not attempt to baby wear their child and stick to the conventional form of carrying their baby or the toddler. They don’t realize the importance of baby carrier as an essential tool and even think of it as harmful to the baby’s natural growth.

Myths like these spread like a wildfire and scare off even the potential babywearers. Thus, IT IS TIME that I do some myth busting! Are you ready?

I Feel My Baby Will Suffocate In There – Can SHE Breathe?

I was walking down the lane the previous day with my baby in a Cloudy Tula Ergonomic Carrier and a concerned passer-by asked me this question.

Rose was sleeping on my chest with her head covered with a hood. Of course, the lady’s concern was genuine. But, after months of usage, I follow the safe Babywearing practices.

Apart from that, if your baby is snuggled against your heart, it becomes easier for you to recognize how labored is her breath or if she is grunting while breathing.

If you are a beginner in babywearing, I would recommend you go through the T.I.C.K.S Rule by School of Babywearing.

Carrying My Baby in a Carrier Will Lead to Hip Dysplasia

This is one of the most controversial and debatable issues in babywearing community and trust me, if that would be true, you would be seeing a generation of babies with hip dysplasia.

Obviously, that DID NOT happen. When you see your little one growing and developing, you need to remain extra cautious to observe that her legs are not held in a straightened position for longer periods.

This unnatural position could damage the hip socket. Therefore, if you use this type of ergonomic baby carrier that comes with a naturally comfortable M-seat position with knees reaching the belly button, it is ideal.

Babywearing Will SPOIL My Baby

What? By loving and comforting your baby will you spoil her? That is one strange myth that did the rounds in the community since the mid-20th century.

But, today’s professionals have clearly debunked this myth with valid proofs. On the contrary, the research states that babies who are carried grow up to become independent as toddlers, children, and adults than their less-attached peers. In fact, babywearing has been in existence for centuries.

Tribal nomads and indigenous people used to carry their children on their backs. It is the modern man who is lagging behind in adopting this practice.

What If The Baby Carrier Hurts My Shoulders & Back?

It is no denying that yes; some baby carriers can be uncomfortable. An ill-fitted carrier or sling can cause discomfort and several new parents give up on babywearing because they were clinging on to the wrong option.

But, if you go with a well-designed padded carrier, it will not hurt. You can carry your child for a long time without even realizing it.

In fact, it is better to wear a baby than to carry it in your arms post pregnancy because it might cause the post-partum pain.

This Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier – Look for Helpers has supportive shoulder padding and the dual adjustment straps for your optimal comfort.

Even the Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier has adjustable shoulder straps and wide waist belt that transfers the weight onto wearer’s hips and ensures a comfortable fit.

Will My Poochie Learn to Walk If I Carried Her All the Time?

Let’s get real! They are just born or toddlers and you are not going to carry them all the time. They will spend a lot of time on the floor, in bed, chairs, climbing over you or try to stand upright.

There is no evidence that testifies the validity of this myth. Moreover, when they are against your body and feel the motion as you move around, they learn the motion for themselves. So, celebrate babywearing by using one of the most empowering tools.

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