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Tula Baby Carriers - The Top 5 Bestsellers Reviewed by a Real Mommy

Award-winning ergonomic Baby Carrier is easy-to-use and comfortably snug to support your child beginning at 15 lbs., or 7 lbs. when worn with our Infant Insert, until 45 lbs.

Baby wearing has come a long way in the last decade and with its ever-increasing popularity, new players are joining in. Tula Baby Carriers are  soft structured carriers (SSC) which spreads your baby’s weight across your body. 

It lets your toddler sit in an “M-position”, the ideal position while wearing your baby. In this ergonomic position, their knees will be higher than their bum.

Look back and you will realize that the older versions of baby carriers were not always the most comfortable. Tula Baby Carriers manufacturer knows how to keep everyone cozy and comfy in the most practical way and that is coming straight from the experience of a mother of three.

There are different SSCs in the market, but Tula is special. You can construe that Tula is like the Apple for the smartphone industry.

Once you get a grip on an iPhone, you’ll never want to use any other and Tula ergonomic baby carriers are this addictive. Curious? Lets find out !!

While recommending you my choice I have ensured Child’s Safety and Comfort as the top priority for my recommendation. Than Parent’s Comfort and Ease of Use and last but not the least Style & Material

Top Tula Baby Carriers 2017

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I have compiled a list of the top 5 bestsellers in 2016. So, next time when you go on to buy Tula baby Carriers, you’ll know which one is ideal for your toddler. Read on –

Tula Ergonomic Carrier – Urbanista: Mama’s Best Friend

Ideal for: Infants to four year’s child.

Size: 15-45 pounds or 25-60 lbs.

Fabric and Design: 100% cotton and black color baby carrier - gender neutral.

Features: Dual adjustment straps allow for perfect fit, additional shoulder padding and leg-opening.

Parents with back pain can breathe a sigh of relief as Urbanista has come to your rescue. The anatomically designed Tula Baby Carrier easily adapts to the changing needs of your growing baby without putting pressure on your shoulders or back. This handmade baby carrier has been quality tested with Oeko Tex Standard making it free from hazardous substances. It is machine washable.

You can move around the house or in the market or while travelling with your Urbanista tagged along. Household chores, grocery shopping and travelling was never so easy before it. You can be 100% hands-free and still enjoy a cuddle time with your bub even when you are exhausted.

If you are using it for your infant, you can purchase infant insert so that your baby sits high enough out of the carrier. The removable, adjustable hood supports baby’s head while he sleeps and protects his head from the wind and scorching heat. The extended pocket on the waistband is big enough to keep your credit cards, phone or house key.

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If you think Tula is expensive, think again! It holds the baby in all the right places, saves your back, your baby’s head is held securely and it even comes with an in-built hood for breastfeeding. So, it is completely worth the investment.

  • One of the few carriers that accommodates even the plus-sized men and women without modifying the carrier.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Enough padding that doesn’t leave red marks on the shoulders.
  • Let’s you breastfeed your baby as well


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Tula Ergonomic Carrier – Concentric: Keep Your Little One Close To Your Heart

Ideal for: Infants to four year’s child.

Size: 15-45 pounds or 25-60 lbs.

Fabric and Design: 100% cotton fabric with stunning concentric circular pattern. The black color is gender neutral.

Features: Offers an ergonomic M-positioning seat that supports optimal development of the baby, 100% cotton and handmade.

If you are interested in baby wearing, Tula is your companion that lets your hands free as you complete your daily chores. Whether it is enjoying at the festivals or grocery shopping or completing home tasks, your baby is never away from your sight when you have Tula.

The Tula Baby Carrier is very comfortable on the back and the shoulder as it comes with easily adjustable belts. Also, the shoulder straps are not bulky making it lightweight and comfortable. It is easy to put and remove all by yourself. The concentric pattern on the carrier helps you stay stylish and makes it one of your highly coveted pieces.

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The Tula Baby Carrier – Concentric is essentially a lifesaver for Mama’s across Europe, Poland and America. Once you start using it, you will never want to use any other, TRUST ME! Stay on-trend and wear a TULA!

  • Adjusting the straps with the baby in is a breeze.
  • A rugged, high quality and brilliantly designed baby carrier.
  • The straps don’t rub under or dig in your arms.
  • Evenly distributes baby’s weight across your hips.

  • Requires a little trial and error to get the right fit initially.
  • If living in hot and humid temperature as in South Florida, more breathable options should be available.
  • How much is it?

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Tula Ergonomic Carrier – Shenandoah: Get Rid of Back & Neck Problems

Ideal for: New born child to four years and beyond.

Size: 15-45 pounds or 25-60 lbs.

Fabric and Design: Colorful trees pattern on light gray canvas base. The color is gender neutral.

Features: Front and back carrier that is 100% handmade; easy-to-use, versatile and long-lasting. Tula Ergonomic Carrier – Shenandoah:

Escape into the wild hassle-free as you don on to this light gray canvas base Shenandoah Tula Baby Carrier. The striking shades of pink, mustard and gray on soft colored canvas represent a sophisticated style statement.

To ensure optimal comfort, Tula has provided supportive shoulder padding and the dual adjustment straps that provide the perfect fit. Tula when compared to its other SSC counterparts, make it less strenuous to the wearer due to this extra padding and dual adjustment straps feature.

As a mother of three and with half a decade of experience in baby wearing, I recommend you to use the Tula Infant Insert until your baby can hold head up consistently for a considerable period of time.

The child should be tall enough so that the knees dangle freely at right angles. Till then, use the Tula Infant Insert whether he/she has reached 15 pounds of weight or not.

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Shenandoah Tula Baby Carrier is specifically designed keeping the hikers in mind who wish to escape to quaint wooded hollows to witness cascading waterfalls and spectacular panoramic vistas. Take your infant along as you explore into the wild because baby wearing is easy, hassle-free and effortless.

  • High quality Duraflex buckles make it sturdier.
  • Enhanced safety features.
  • Extensions available separately for infants and toddlers.
  • Regulated and removable hood to protect baby from scorching heat and/or fierce winds.
  • The padded part of the strap extends to 3 more inches making it more comfortable and less strenuous.

  • It is not a forward-facing front carry and only rear-facing front carry and forward facing rear carry.
  • Price may be a constraint to some.
  • How much is it?

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Tula Ergonomic Carrier – Archer: All Seasons Baby Carrier

Ideal for: Baby and Toddlers.

Size: 15-45 pounds or 25-60 lbs.

Fabric and Design: 100% cotton with fresh modern print of arrows. The color is gender neutral.

Features: Large front pocket on the hip belt, 100% OEKO TEX Standard 100 certified canvas 

The Archer Tula Ergonomic Carrier is a trendy baby carrier that is ideal to be used for wearing new born babies and toddlers who are just learning to walk.

The color and the arrow design blends perfectly whether it is a boy or a girl. The regulated and removable yellow hood protects your child in all seasons whether it is summer, winter, autumn or spring.

If you are using it for your infant, I recommend you to use a Baby Tula Infant Insert which will enhance the base of your baby and put his head up from the carrier.

If your child has reached toddlerhood, you may buy Tula Free to Grow Extenders that promotes optimal development of your child. Feeding him/her in this carrier is a breeze.

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Petite or plus-sized parent, girl or boy child, both the caregiver and the child enjoy in the Archer Tula Baby Carrier. It is loved by one and all because it assists in evenly distributing the body weight and support the neck and head perfectly. Finally, somebody got this aspect right!

  • The fabric is thick and doesn’t stain easily and any dirt gets wiped off quickly .
  • Generous strap lengths.
  • Whether you are a male parent or the female, both flaunt it with perfection.
  • Baby in safe ergonomic position.

  • The material isn’t soft per se but it is not so rough either when your skin brushes against it.
  • Sometimes, the strap that goes between the shoulder blades becomes hard to adjust without assistance.
  • How much is it?

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Tula Ergonomic Carrier – Trendsetter Navy: Get Ready to a Swanky yet Functional Parenting

Ideal for: Infants to four years and beyond.

Size: 15-45 pounds or 25-60 lbs.

Fabric and Design: 100% Handmade with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified Canvas. This Tula Baby Carrier has a pattern of dots with hip designs.

Features: Additional webbing, sturdy buckles, comfortable seating and breastfeeding, removable hood to support baby’s head while asleep.

Add playful spirit to your cuddles when you adorn the cool pair of Tula Baby Carrier that is laden with hip designs of houndstooth, chevron and stripes against navy background. The ritzy carrier is detailed with hues of pinks and blues all over. Keeping your little bub’s comfort in mind, extra padding around leg-opening is given. Secure the baby tight with high-quality and sturdy Duraflex buckles.

As a business member of Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA), Tula meets and often exceeds the safety standards. The Duraflex buckles along with dual-adjustment straps and shoulder padding gives enough room for maneuvering.

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Every new parent must-have this trendy accessory to make the most of the new phase of parenthood. This will not just let you better care for your child, but will also let you do your chores with ease. If you still haven’t tried it yet, try today!

  • Very sturdy material.
  • Extendable straps provided for a customized fit .
  • Baby stays at the same spot and no threat of slipping down.
  • Comfortable to wear for several hours altogether
  • Ergonomic design spreads the weight out so it doesn’t put pressure on the back or neck.

  • The material isn’t soft per se but it is not so rough either when your skin brushes against it.
  • Sometimes, the strap that goes between the shoulder blades becomes hard to adjust without assistance.
  • How much is it?

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