OMG! Checkout the 15 Best Baby Jumpers Ever!

Baby Jumpers have become ‘the new black’ amongst the parenting community due to the joy it brings to your infant. It is the latest baby gear equipment often known by different names like ExerSaucers, Jumperoos, and Johnny Jump-ups. It contains a suspended seat that allows your little tod to jump and bounce. Imagine your bundle of joy shrieking with glee and this sight definitely makes up for all the sleepless nights you’ve been bearing in the past few months.

Just like you choose the other best things for your tyke, you need to discern here too. After all, the main purpose is to make your coochie coo as happy as possible. A baby jumper for an infant is equivalent to a teenager’s playground. It stimulates him to jump and bounce and keeps him fit. This even improves the child’s core strength, coordination, balance and motor skills. There is no ideal age as such because each child’s development differs. The only criteria for it is when the child starts bearing weight on the legs and head gets steady on his own.

Now, the market has to offer uncountable options from stationary jumpers to suspended ones and toy-equipped ExerSaucers. To make your decision less taxing, we bring you the 15 best baby jumpers reviewed by parents themselves. These baby jumpers are popular than others due to their bright colors that attract the child’s attention, simple, portable design, and feature-rich offerings.

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo (4.5 stars, 1,652 reviews)

The Zoo Jumperoo provides ample fun to my little one. She first sat in this one in her daycare and the provider said that she loved jumping in that all day long. Plus, the different activities that this jumper brings in are a delight to my munchkin. So, we brought the same at home. Must say, this Jumperoo turned as a LIFESAVER for us. Our doting daughter always wished to be carried in arms. Since we’ve brought this home, we are now able to finish off the household chores quickly and spend the rest of the time with her. Since height is easily adjustable, it serves as a great way to introduce her to walking.

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Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle (4.5 stars, 1,897 reviews)

This is one of the best baby apparatus we’ve owned. The motion that it provides to the baby brings a respite to the worn-out parents. The doorway jumper does much more than just engages your baby. Our baby simply loves it! The 4-month old twists, turns, twirls, swings, and giggles for hours. As soon as I take out this portable door jumper, she beams with glee and it takes just 1-minute to set up. The tray and toys provide maximum fun to the children. The cushiony seat offers utmost comfort and is adjustable. Definitely, a MUST BUY!!

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Fisher - Price Rainforest Jumperoo (4.8 stars, 5,292 reviews)

I am not fond of writing reviews, but this product; I must say is worth every penny. My 5-month old son absolutely adores this thing. He loves jumping and when he gets tired, he engages himself with the toys. Sometimes, I put on the light baby music and jump along with my son and that gets him even crazier. A funny blue frog hangs overhead and another butterfly that produce sound. He is fond of chewing these toys while jumping. With easy assembly, you can just set it up in less than 10-minutes.

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Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper (4.2 stars, 1,179 reviews)

I gifted this to my grandson on his one-month anniversary. Though it became useful only after two and a half months, it was worth the wait. There is no other jumper you’ll ever need. The door jumper was so easy to assemble. All of it was such a breeze. Initially, I was worried about the clamp, but when I started assembling, all my fears were put to rest. It is so durable and secure.

Now after 10 months, his other toys are put aside, but he still enjoys in his jumper. It is hilarious to see him bounce, spin, giggle and swing in this door jumper.

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Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest (4.5 stars, 675 reviews)

Awww. This is such a cute jumper. I bought it for my niece and she absolutely looks adorable when in there. I can look at her for hours. I love the way she delights in seeing the soft sounds and the lights. I am so glad I bought this for her. The best part about it was that it was reasonably easy to put together. There are several fun options which keep her entertained. That is one product built to last with an exceptional design. My baby gets in and comes out with ease with no overhead obstruction. This jumper is fantastic and I would highly recommend.

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Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends (4.3 stars, 498 reviews)

Get ready to open your kid’s world into full of entertainment and excitement because my 6-month old daughter loves every minute of it. This is by far THE BEST jumper that anyone can buy. Bouncy! Bouncy! Bouncy! Yeah! The spinning seat makes it so easier for my baby to jump around for one toy or the other. Each of the four hanging points has something to offer.

The piano has different shapes, numbers, and songs to offer. The spinning bird and the chewable sunflower are my baby’s favorite. Then, there is a table and spinning frog. The easy to adjust height makes it easier for my tiny tot to crawl safely when she doesn’t want to be in her seat. All in all, this is one value for money product you should invest in.

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Bright Starts Sweet Safari Bounce-a-Round Activity Center (4.4 stars, 428 reviews)

As soon as the child starts to crawl, you know how difficult things become. You don’t know whom to pay attention more - your child or your work. Thankfully, the Bright Starts Activity Center jumper came to the rescue and kept the child occupied. My kid in here sits nice and low with his feet touching the bottom. The mirror and all the toys on it are great engagement options. It took about half a month to realize how to spin himself to reach to the other toys, but now he has become a pro and reaches out to the toys he likes. It is one safe and reliable option to use when Mommy is cooking or taking a quick shower. It is a fantastic product!

I and my baby love it!

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Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers (4.5 stars, 429 reviews)

I’m so glad I purchased this for my granddaughter. It was just like walking down the memory lane! A quarter century ago, my kids jumped and swung around this jumper. This is not like the yesteryears’ door jumper, but with added features that make it portable. When I bought it for my kids, it had only the door option. Now, I can simply place it in the yard, on the porch or anywhere in and around the house. The harness is really comfy. Though she did take a little time to get a hang of it, but now she is a pro.

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Sassy Inspire The Senses Bounce Around Activity Center (4.1stars, 234 reviews)

This is a nice, sturdy piece of baby gear which is easy to assemble. My son spends quite an amazing time in here exercising and learning how to walk. It is more interactive and my baby plays with the removable toys when he is not in there. The light up and music is soft and can be turned off. Since he is teething, he constantly reaches up for the teethers and the other sensory items that stimulate his imagination. We are so happy with the product that we will surely gift it to the new parents we know in our circle.

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Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper (4.6 stars, 203 reviews)

Awesome bouncer! I bought it for my 7-months old son and as soon as he grew out of it, I used it for my daughter. Both the kids had great fun in their equipment. The spring is sturdy enough and are still running with ease. They are covered so as to protect my little one’s fingers from getting pinched. The 4-adjustable seat heights make it comfortable for my little ones to get comfy in there. There are plenty of loops on this colorful jumper. We have hanged her favorite rattles on them. The piano with lights is one thing that both my kids love and the controllable volume up/down button is something music to our ears. Washing the seat cushion is a breeze. It can be easily removed and dishwasher safe.

This, of course, has been a great purchase and worth the money.

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Fisher-Price Woodland Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo (4.3 stars, 476 reviews)

We went to our friend’s house and our little one enjoyed in their Jumperoo. On return, I searched for different ExerSaucers, but each one of them needed large space to fit in. Thankfully, I clicked on this product on Amazon and truly, as the name suggests, it is a SpaceSaver. It folds flat for easy storage and my munchkin just loves being in here. She uses it to jump up and down and conveniently reaches the squirrel toy bar (in the front). Earlier, I have purchased the baby carrier as well and look like Fisher-price never seems to disappoint.

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Merry Muscles Ergonomic Jumper Exercise Baby Bouncer (4.1 stars, 127 reviews)

This jumper is by far the most outstanding of all. I have four children (including this new little lad), but it’s ergonomic design and minimalistic features won me over. My tot just LOVES getting in this thing. It has become our first choice and the go-to toy when we need to get on to our work. We turn the music on and see her jump like Jane Fonda or just relax and drift lazily in that cozy jumper baby bouncer. I am really very happy with the purchase and thinking of buying another one so for her grandpa’s home. So, whenever she visits them, they too can enjoy her watching jump around.

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Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby (4.2 stars, 178 reviews)

The quick and easy assembly is what I was looking for in a saucer and thankfully, Bright Starts’ Bounce Bounce Baby just offered that. In my opinion, it’s a great investment option as it doesn’t take a lot of space like the majority of these do. Since it is lightweight and a major space-saver, we can store it for our other baby.

Our 8-month old lad is in a position where he just wants to stand up or stay in arms. So, we thought of purchasing it. It is sturdy and I can say that with confidence because the legs need to be screwed down instead of just snapping them together. He sits in comfortably and reaches out to his favorite toys.

Bottom line is - it is a money well spent and we are very happy with the purchase.

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Bright Starts 2-in-1 Silly Sunburst Activity Gym and Saucer (4.3 stars, 53 reviews)

This is a superbly crafted saucer and plays gym. My daughter loves to lay and watch the light bar and kick the dangling toys when she is out of the jumper. The saucer and the mat both are well made and these interactive pieces make it stimulating for my baby. Be sure to order it before your baby learns to sit up because it is a 2-in-1 piece. So take the best of both worlds for the price of 1.

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Baby Einstein Sea & Discovery Door Jumper (3.9 stars, 51 reviews)

This is a unisex door jumper that I had purchased for my twins. It gets affixed onto the door well and my babies really enjoy it. The 4 beach-themed toys make for the perfect accompaniment. They play, jump, swing and laugh when they are inside it. Highly recommend.

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