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Peg Perego Siesta High Chair - 2017’s Ultimate Guide on Choosing the Best High Chair

A multi-functional high chair can be used as a comfortable recliner, perfect for keeping a young baby close. As the child grows, the five recline positions and nine height positions provide a perfect spot for relaxing, eating or playing.

The entry of a new family member is always a happy feeling and naturally, the soon-to-be-parents start collecting baby gear for the little munchkin that is arriving soon.

But, what if we tell that you don’t have to spend a fortune in buying all those products and just invest in a single multi-purpose product. And that product is dubbed as two-in-one high chair. Curious? We will tell you more about it, scroll down!

Presenting Peg Perego Siesta High Chair

The first sight describes it to be gorgeous! Now that’s a sleek, contemporary and utilitarian design which makes it the best high chairs of all time.

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The best part about it is that you can use it from day one when your baby is born. The high chair-cum-recliner is the beauty that adds to any kitchen or living space. Siesta grows with your child right from the birth till toddler hood.

You can convert this into a comfortable recliner when your baby is too young to sit and yet keep him close to you.

As the child grows, you may adjust the height and recline positions to make it comfortable for your little one. So, you may use it for his resting, playing, or feeding.

Top Features of Peg Perego High Chair

You must be wondering, what is so special in this chair? We will tell you about that!

  1. Crotch Post: Sounds risqué, isn’t it? But, it forms a vital safety gear that prevents your baby from slipping and falling under the tray, particularly when he has just started sitting. So, this top quality chair has a passive crotch restraint attached to the seat bottom which prevents your baby from getting caught between the chair and the tray.
  2. Safety Harness: This high chair has a five-point safety harness that can hold baby’s both lower and upper body in place. Normally, the high chairs have three-point harness which secures only the lower body.
  3. Food Tray: Any high chair will be rendered useless if it does not come with an adjustable food tray and so is true with Siesta. But, here, the food tray is really easy to attach, remove, and clean without hurting the baby’s hands.
  4. Seat Adjustments: This portable and multi-functional high chair has nine different height positions. You can position the seat to match your bubs’ while dining at the table. The baby can enjoy a meal with others. With reclining positions, you can adjust the seat, in case he fall asleep right after munching.
  5. Storage: If you live in a small house, you definitely need a chair that is the space saver. While traditional high chairs do not accord this flexibility, but Peg Perego’s Siesta comes with an extremely compact fold that makes it ideal for any living space.
  6. Upholstery: A high chair that is difficult to clean will undoubtedly make any mother shout out loud in rage. It is wise to avoid such an option and go for this Prima Classe fabric.
  7. Foot Rest: Just keep yourself in baby’s shoes and imagine how difficult it is to sit upright at all times and their dangling legs make this task all the more tedious. Your baby will learn quickly if his feet are supported by an adjustable footrest.
  8. Wheels: It is the wheels that allow quick maneuverability across rooms. But, an important point to note is that the wheels should have a lock system which will prevent the high chair from rolling away. So, this is the high chair with wheels with manual control brake system.
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The multi functional, ultra-compact high chair that easily accommodates a child's growth. From birth, the Siesta can be used as a recliner or as a high chair for feeding, playing and resting. With a sleek design available in five beautiful, saturated colors, the Siesta would be a welcomed addition to any living or kitchen space.

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Benefits of Peg Perego Siesta High Chair

Child’s Safety: The passive crotch bar built right into the chair, 5-point restraint, and an auto lock brake system that can be controlled by the hand ensure child’s safety at all times.

Utility: For proper physical and mental growth of the child, high chair plays a vital role. The baby can be strapped safely in the chair and you can do all your chores.

You can convert attach his play bar or put toys on the tray for him or let him have his nap in there. It’s that easy! Baby learns to eat, play and socialize on this multi-purpose high-chair.

Comfort: The beautiful and ultra-soft upholstery and the several reclining positions make the child’s seating comfortable, particularly for the infants who cannot sit straight.

Adjustable: The height, food tray, footrest, and seat can be adjusted in this chair. So, you see it’s a one-time investment.

Easy to Move: This high chair’s legs go wherever you go as they come with lockable caster wheels. So, you can easily move them wherever you need.


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The quality of the Peg Perego Siesta High Chair is unrivaled when compared to the others available in the market. Features like the caster wheels, auto-lock at the top, and rubber net storage pocket at the back of the seat makes it gorgeous equipment.

The sturdy metal legs and bright shades of the chair bring forth an aesthetic appeal to the visual eye. Unlike other high chairs, this has nine height positions.

There is a five-point harness instead of three-point that keeps the baby fastened in his place.

The tilt-in-space feature is another noteworthy feature which reclines the chair to a flat position and makes it ideal for new-born babies.

Quick Assembly

Like most baby equipment, you would expect your Peg Perego Siesta High Chair to arrive in bits and pieces. But, to a consumer’s amazement, it is not so with Siesta.

The average time taken to assemble this chair is just 4 minutes. Yes! You heard that right! You will be supplied with an instruction manual containing pictures that are self-explanatory.

You just have to snap on the tray in the front (if you wish to use it right away) and simply snap on the wheels.

Easy Usability

A concerned parent will buy any baby product only when it provides safety, comfort, and utility to the child. The Peg Perego Siesta High Chair ranks top in all three.

Once the child is seated, the five point harness and the crotch keep him secure ensuring his safety. The smooth seat surface provides relaxation and comfort to the baby. The adjustable and removable tray is best used to serve his food or indulge him in his toys.

Hassle-free Cleaning

The Prima Classe or First Class removable seat cover is another feature which makes this high chair stands out from the crowd.

The incredible luxe and ultra-soft material are not just nice to look at, it is stain-resistant and durable as well. Similar to other high chairs, there are places like the edge of the seat where food particles or crumbs might stick in, be aware to clean that spot too using a damp cloth dipped in a neutral detergent.


The multi-utility chair has four wheels on each foot and they are an absolute blessing if you want to use it in different parts of the house (which of course, any parent would want to).

Though the metal legs, including rollers, make it quite bulky, but it spells out the quality of the baby gear.

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How to Clean Peg Perego High Chair

Babies, when they are learning the skill of eating a meal, they create a lot of mess. It’s certain! A large chunk of the food you will find on the food tray and some on the chair as well. Follow the described cleaning process at regular intervals –

  • Chassis Cleaning: It is quintessential that you wipe off all the plastic parts using a damp cloth after each use. This will keep the chair new and odor-free at all times.
  • Metal Legs & Other Similar Parts: Since metal is prone to rust, do not use a wet cloth or apply any solvent or detergent on the metal parts. Lubricate the metallic machine moving parts with light machine oil.
  • Sack Cleaning: Never use any solvent or chlorine bleach to remove the stain. It is recommended to not wring or dry clean or spin dry the sack for a longer life.
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Peg Perego Siesta High Chair FAQ

At what age can my baby use Siesta?

Your baby is ready to use Siesta from the time he’s born until three years of age.

What is the height of this high chair?

The dimensions of an unfolded Siesta are 29.16” X 23.5” X 41.16” whereas that of the folded one ranges to 11.66” X 33.66”.

Why would we recommend this product to friends or moms?

The versatility of this product is tremendous. With a simple and effective design, it doesn’t take much of a space and is really very easy to assemble. If you have two little kids less than 50 lbs., you can easily adjust the footrest, height and reclining positions to serve the purpose. This is one of those products that is built to last and is timeless.

As a mom, how does this product has changed your life?

Getting a wriggly 7-month-old boy in and out of this chair is easy and household chores are not to be neglected when you have the stylish Siesta by your side.
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PROS & CONS of Peg Perego Siesta High Chair

  • Multi-utility
  • Easy-to-use
  • Quick cleaning
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Auto-lock brakes
  • Save storage space

  • Bulky
  • Expensive

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Accessories You Can Buy

  • Play Bar: Imagine your baby having fun with his toys at the same table where you are feeding him. The Play Bar comes with cute toys that fit this chair and the child delights and indulges in the toys at his disposal.
  • Baby Cushion: For an extra comfort, add this extra soft padded cushion for your Peg Perego Siesta high chair. You can use it from both sides as it keeps the child cool in summer since it is made from 100% cotton. For the winter, the manufacturer has used the matelassé jersey fabric that keeps the little one cozy.
  • Booster Cushion: To give your baby a little lift, use this Prima Classe booster cushion. Just like other products, this too is easy to clean and compatible with Siesta.

About The Company

Since its inception in 1949, Peg Perego, the family-run business has been selling baby gear equipment. The main aim of the company is to add comfort to the lifestyle. It’s been more than 70 years now, Peg Perego still endeavors to produce even more innovative, easy-to-use and stylish products for the consumer.

After attaining considerable popularity in Europe, they expanded their base in the USA since 1960’s. Today, they are said to produce over 4,000 units a day in their US warehouse. From conception to creation, each activity is performed in-house which ensures top quality and craftsmanship.


We firmly believe that this high chair will prove to be too good for a parent. With a durable quality that will last for years to come, no doubt, it is worth every penny. The best part is, you can use it from the child’s infancy phase to toddler hood.

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